Frequently Asked

How do university students access UNIHEADS training?

Users will receive a registration email containing details of how to log in and access the training. This will be administered directly by the university or from UNIHEADS administration team depending upon the agreement in place.

Do users have to consent to access the training?

Yes – After receiving an initial registration email, users have to opt-in to acknowledge our privacy policy before accessing the training platform.

Can users change passwords if they forget?

If a user is unable to remember their password or would simply like to update it, there is a ‘forgot my password’ option on the login page. This will send a link to the user email address to enable them to change their password.

How is UNIHEADS funded?

We are currently funded by our parent company; Champion Health Ltd. UNIHEADS training platforms have been developed as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Who developed the training?

Our team is a unique blend of tech experts, mental health professionals, GPs, and academics. Click here to see the team behind the UNIHEADS training

Is there are a cost to the University?
No. UNIHEADS is provided for free.  There are no hidden costs. Our training for academics and students is provided for free as part of our corporate social responsibility for Champion Health (Parent Company). Click here to find out more about Champion Health
What data is collected from Users?

We collect the following data entered by platform users; username email & password, course & year of study, opt-in consent, post-training feedback, user completion and progress. You can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy.

How is data used?

User data is a high priority. The data we collect is used solely to improve our services, internal research/marketting and to enable Universities to gauge the impact that training is having upon students and staff. Universities administrators can only see which users have completed the training and user progress within the training. All other data is anonymised, aggregated and shared with the university for the sole purpose of monitoring impact. You can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy. We never share or sell on your data to third parties

How is data stored?

Data is secured using a Next-Generation firewall and hosted on a secure web hosting platform. This is stored on a Microsoft Azure platform based in London (UK). Systems are penetration tested annually (scheduled) and Cyber Essentials certified. Systems are monitored and patched regularly ensuring security risks are mitigated.

Can users request their data to be deleted?

If for any reason a user would like to delete any data, they can email with the data they would like deleted and a reason. Our team will respond and ensure the request is met.

Where can I find UNIHEADS’ data protection/privacy policy ?

Yes. Click here to read our privacy policy.

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